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Chris Kelly | Toronto, ON

Deal slippage—what's it all about?

Picture this: You've got a promising deal in your sales pipeline, everyone's on board, and you're geared up for a timely close. But, as the expected closing date approaches, it gets nudged further and further away, like a mirage in the desert.

This phenomenon is known as deal slippage, and it can be a tricky slope for sales teams. Essentially, deal slippage occurs when a deal doesn't wrap up as anticipated and ends up postponed into the next quarter, month, or the next available sales period.

But here's the twist – deal slippage doesn't necessarily mean the deal is lost. It can stem from various scenarios. Perhaps the buyer is still interested, or maybe the sales rep was a tad too optimistic about the prospect's readiness to seal the deal.

So, the real question is: How can you avoid these never-ending deals that keep slipping through the cracks and into the future?

Contact us to uncover strategies to help you get a grip on deal slippage and ensure that opportunities don't fade into oblivion.

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